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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy A50

In the fast-moving world, every one need a device to make their works much easier. For that they found mobile phones. 
In today world Android and IOS rule the mobile phones platform. Here we can see the Android codes for some basic functions of Samsung Galaxy A50.

1. To check IMEI and Serial Number dial *#06#

IMEI number and serial number of Samsung A50

2. To check the Battery Status dial *#0228#.

Battery status of Samsung A50

3. For the USB Settings dial *#0808#.

USB settings of Samsung A50

4. To check your Samsung Galaxy A50 Firmware Version and Model Name dial *#1234#

Firm version and model name of Samsung A50

5. For the Advanced Firmware Version dial *#2663#. Here you can check TSP FW Version, Touch Key FW Version, MCU/BINFW Version and WIFI Version.

Advanced Firm version of Samsung A50

6. For the Advanced Test Menu dial *#0*#. Here you can test LCD Display, LED Light, Front and Back Cameras, vibration and much more features.

Advanced Test Menu of Samsung A50

7. For the Service Mode dial *#0011#. Here you can check details like Serving Cell Info, Network Connection details etc.

Service Mode of Samsung A50

8. For the Advanced Service Mode dial *#2683662#. Here you can check SIM Information, IMEI, All SW Version, WIFI, 2g 3g LTE etc.

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